Real Property Leasing and Facilities Management

We represent the property management departments of institutional clients as well as owner/developer clients in a large variety of legal matters relating to their national leasing, acquisitions, property management and technology-related requirements. Attorneys specializing in leasing activities assist the Firm's clients in developing and implementing uniform leasing and property management policies, programs and procedures, drafting and negotiating commercial, office, retail, branch-banking, store, loft, shopping center, data center and data bunker leases (including "net" and "triple net" leases, ground leases and subleases) for both landlords and tenants, and preparing all supporting and related documents such as lease modifications, surrender and termination agreements, non-disturbance and attornment agreements, lease guarantees, assignments of leases, brokerage, escrow and franchise agreements, license and management agreements, software licensing agreements, vendor services agreements, construction contracts, architectural services agreements and tenant work letters.