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  • Strong legal advice leads to expedited resolution of securities case.

    Executive clients involved in securities litigation against their former employer requested our advice on adding a cause of action focusing on ERISA claims, as had been urged by counsel for other executives who were involved in related actions but who did not have securities claims. After a focused review of the case, we advised against pursuing potential ERISA claims since we concluded that they were so precarious they might prejudice the legitimacy of the securities claims.  This advice allowed the securities case to move forward expeditiously, which was an important goal for our client. 

    You don’t need a Wall Street goliath to get the job done.

  • Quick action resulted in a substantial recovery for a large financial institution.

    Our client asked for help after it had been defrauded by a mortgage bank and its closing agent in connection with warehousing loan advances used to fund residential mortgage loans. We acted quickly by filing a federal court action and obtaining orders of attachment and restraining orders against the mortgage bank, its principal and comptroller, as well as the closing agent. Our actions resulted in our client receiving multi-million dollar recoveries.  

    You don’t need a Wall Street goliath to get the job done.

  • Forensic expertise leads to global settlement and substantial recovery.

    Using our expertise in the forensic analysis of financial data, we discovered that our client’s loan funds had been diverted to finance the construction of a large, purportedly privately held development project.  When the developer attempted to sell its rights to this development project, so as to reap the profits obtained using the bank’s diverted funds, our practical solution prevented the transaction through litigation. This led to an advantageous global settlement and a substantial recovery by the bank in a highly complex and contentious matter.


    You don’t need a Wall Street goliath to get the job done.

  • European company avoids legal troubles in the U.S. with stock-based incentive plan.

    A publicly traded European client asked us to develop a stock-based incentive plan in the U.S. similar to the plan maintained for senior managers in their home country. The home country structure posed numerous issues under the Internal Revenue Code, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the federal securities laws. Through our creativity, we were able to successfully design a structure that avoided U.S. legal problems while providing benefits economically identical to those received by the European managers.

    You don’t need a Wall Street goliath to get the job done.

  • The firm continues one of the oldest trust and estate practices in the United States. We represent individual and institutional clients in a broad range of matters involving all aspects of personal and estate planning including the drafting of all documents necessary to implement such plans, family and elder law, fiduciary responsibilities and trust and estate administration. The continuing representation of the trust division of a major New York City bank for over one hundred and fifty years involves the group regularly in a wide variety of complex fiduciary matters. 

  • Adam Oyebanji is an English barrister and US regulatory attorney specializing in financial crimes compliance and international trade. His practice focuses on OFAC, EU and other economic sanctions; anti-money laundering compliance and enforcement; the Foreign Corrupt Practices and UK Bribery Acts; white collar fraud; anti-boycott; and cross-border transactions, both financial and commercial.